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Qsys EPCS configuration issue

Hi guys, 


I'm new to FPGA programming and I've came across a quite challenging noob issue. 


I'm using an EP2C5 and I'd like to use the EPCS4 in my board to expand its memory. In Qsys I'm adding the EPCS Serial Flash Controller to manage this connection and it seems to work just fine, the only problem I'm getting is that I can't use all the 512k avaliable in the EPCS4, Qsys insists in giving me 2k only and I cant find where to configure ir properly. 


Any one has any thoughts on that? 


My board is a EP2C5 mini board.  


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The EPCS controller doesn't map the EPCS chip directly into the memory space, it just provide SPI registers you can use to read/write the EPCS chip. On the 2ks ou see, the first 1k is in fact a bootloader software that the NIOS can use to boot on a software written in the EPCS, and the other 1k is occupied by the SPI master. To access the EPCS contents, you can use the API provided by the EPCS controller driver.

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