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Qsys - No output on anlayze synthesis files

I am having a strange problem in that QSYS is not outputing any messages when trying to run the Analyze Synthesis Files on a custom component. 


This is what it looks like on a successful synthesis:  


This is what it looks like on an unsuccessful synthesis:  


On a collegue's computer running the exact same installation version his output for the exact same files looks like this on a successful synthesis:  


and on a bad synthesis:  


The fact that I am getting no output at all is making finding my errors very difficult. Including the fact that I have one component that synthesizes fine in quartus standalone, but then fails when I try to bring it into QSYS. 


This problem was originally seen on 13.1, but I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling quartus, problem persists. 

I tried moving to 14.0, problem persists. 

This problem shows up on three different machines that I have tried it on, including one that had never seen quartus before. 

I have tried uninstalling quartus, scrubbing the registry of all entries "Altera", "Quartus", or "qsys", then reinstalling, problem persists. 


There must be a setting buried somewhere, anyone have any idea what might be going on here? 


Thanks in advance.
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I am also experiencing a similar problem in Qsys 15.0 Build 153. In particular, i cannot get a successful "Analyze synthesis files" operation to occur, and i get the same output as "not_working_fail.bmp" above... Absolutely no information to assist me identify what the problem is. My VHDL files synthesis and simulate correctly, and yet for some reason, QSYS Component Editor will not analyse those files.

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It might be helpful to run Qsys with "--debug" switch: it'll provide more verbose log. 


Just open Qsys in command line: 

<quartus installation>/quartus/sopc_builder/binq/sys-edit --debug 



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I have absolutely the same problem! 

Windows 8.1(64 bit) + quartus 13.1, 15.1 and 


Also I tryed to install windows 10 + quartus on clean HDD. 


I tryed to run qsys with "--debug", all that i see in "Analyzing Synthesis Files" window is (ALL Info strings are empty):  


Debug: set ALTERA_HW_TCL_KEEP_TEMP_FILES=1 to retain temp files 

Debug: Command: C:/intelfpga_lite/17.0/quartus\bin64/quartus_sh.exe -t C:/Users/Dima/AppData/Local/Temp/alt7388_7658326834931209417.dir/0004_sopcqmap/not_a_project_setup.tcl 

Debug: Command: C:/intelfpga_lite/17.0/quartus\bin64/quartus_map.exe not_a_project --generate_hdl_interface=C:/altera-309/zander_main/canc/hdl/can_acf.v --set=HDL_INTERFACE_OUTPUT_PATH=C:/Users/Dima/AppData/Local/Temp/alt7388_7658326834931209417.dir/0004_sopcqmap/ --ini=disable_check_quartus_compatibility_qsys_only=on 


Debug: Command took 2.191s 


Debug: Command took 1.520s