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Quartus 17.1 Lite Launch Crash on XUbuntu 14.04

Hello everyone, 

I installed Quartus recently on a Linux machine in my University. 

The installation completed without problem and I can launch the program without any problems if I am logged in as administrator. 

If I launch Quartus as guest User it crashes instantly and the Report stats: 


Problem Details 




*** Fatal Error: Segment Violation at (nil) 

Module: quartus 

Stack Trace: 

0xe0a80: Ox3476f84b43216cbb + 0x50 (sys_cpt) 



0xb28a8: Ox3476f8367c6535b1 + 0xc8 (sys_cpt) 



0xa3b47: lc_getid_type + 0x57 (sys_cpt) 

0x560d3: cpt_flexlm_get_local_hostid_by_type + 0x5e (sys_cpt) 

0x56224: cpt_flexlm_get_local_hostid + 0x13 (sys_cpt) 

0x395e1: CPT_FLEXLM_MGR::get_local_hostid(CPT_HOSTID_TYPE, std::vector<std::string, std::allocator<std::string> >*) + 0x41 (sys_cpt) 

0x3d8be: CPT_MANAGER::get_local_hostid(CPT_HOSTID_TYPE, std::vector<std::string, std::allocator<std::string> >*) + 0xa6 (sys_cpt) 

0x18507: cpt_guiq_append_url_args(std::string&) + 0x1eb (sys_cpt_guiq) 

0x18dd5: cpt_guiq_ping_web_edition_tracker() + 0x21 (sys_cpt_guiq) 

0xba1b: cpt_guiq_dyn_init + 0x1bb (sys_cpt_guiq) 

0x6829e: QUI_APP::init_instance(int, char const**, QUI_CMDLINE*) + 0x3ec (sys_qui) 

0x1202d: QGQ_APP::init_instance(int, char const**, QUI_CMDLINE*) + 0xdf (sys_qgq) 

0x1e9f: qgq_main(int, char const**) + 0x5f (quartus) 

0x40720: msg_main_thread(void*) + 0x10 (ccl_msg) 

0x602c: thr_final_wrapper + 0xc (ccl_thr) 

0x407df: msg_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x62 (ccl_msg) 

0xa559: mem_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x99 (ccl_mem) 

0x8f92: err_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x27 (ccl_err) 

0x63f2: thr_thread_wrapper + 0x15 (ccl_thr) 

0x427e2: msg_exe_main(int, char const**, int (*)(int, char const**)) + 0xa3 (ccl_msg) 

0x1f7a: main + 0x26 (quartus) 

0x21ec5: __libc_start_main + 0xf5 ( 







I'm thinking that it might be permission related, although I checked and the permissions seem to be the same with Quartus as with programs that run as guest. 

But I am not 100% sure because I am not too confident with linux. Quartus 13.1 Lite is also installed, and it works fine. 

Maybe one of you guys know a solution.
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