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Quartus 20.1.1 and 21.1.1 don't show arria10 and max10 devices


Dear mr./mrs.,


I have downloaded and installed Quartus 20.1.1 (also 21.1.1) and the MAX10 and Arria10 package. When creating a new project I can't find any of the devices in both device families. This doesn't work for other device packages as well. Does this have to do with my license? As both packages still worked at Quartus 19.1.1.


I hope you can help me,


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Rob van der Meer
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Make sure you installed the correct versions of device packages. Packages for Quartus 19.1.1 may not work on newer versions of Quartus.

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It was already like this when I installed 20.1.1. with the right packages, first.

Then, I installed 19.1.0. and the devices are shown in the device tree.


20.1.1. is installed with:

and package: max10-


19.1.0 is installed with

and package max10-


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Being able to use a device in Quartus is not license-dependent.  I'm presuming you are saying that you are going through the New Project Wizard and on the device selection page, you do not see the device family (or families) that you think you installed.

I'd recommend either a full uninstall and reinstall or use the device installer to reinstall the .qdz.  I've never done this in Linux (only Windows) so I don't know how this works, but there must be a device installer that allows you to add (or reinstall) device families.

As mentioned, you must use the correct version .qdz with the matching version of Quartus, which does seem to be the case for you.

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You may checkout Section 3.9 Adding Device Support and Other Intel FPGA Software to Existing Installation

Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing 


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Richard Tan

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