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Quartus II vs Quartus Prime TimeQuest Timing Analyzer

Hi all, 


I have been using Quartus II since v8.0 until v15.0, no problem in dealing with the timing analysis. Just installed Quartus Prime a moment ago, after I compiled my previous built project in Quartus Prime, I found out that in the timequest timing analyzer section, under slow model, the section Named datasheet report is no longer exist in Quartus Prime. Is thie report is being removed or relocated into somewhere else? Any guru can guide me on this? My main intention is to view the tco timing of my design. Previously in Quartus II this tco is located under the Datasheet Report. 


I attached the screenshot for both Quartus II V15.0 vs Quartus Prime 17.1 for reference. Thanks!
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If it's not in Quartus, just go into the timing analyzer and generate the report. The reports in the Quartus compilation report are the same as what you can generate in the timing analyzer.