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Quartus Prime Lite Edition


Good afternoon to whoever answers my question. So I just installed the Quartus Prime Lite Edition on my computer and it told me to install additional device supports to operate Quartus and do different projects. I did install them on to Quartus and in the end, it told me to restart Quartus so the devices could fully be installed and operational. The problem is that I don't know how to restart Quartus. I tried closing it and re-opening the software but it would tell me to install the devices again. I was wondering if there was another way to restart it? Please, someone, help me with this problem and answer me back soon.

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You just need to close the Quartus and re-opening it. 

Perhaps the device does not installed correctly? As it prompt you to install the device.

With Quartus closed, Go to the windows start menu and find the program called "Device Installer (Quartus Prime 20.1)"  or similar name and then it will prompt you for the .qdz file directory. Select the correct directory and the program will search for all .qdz file and then you can select which device to install. 

If the issue still persists, perhaps you may need to consider re-install the Quartus. 

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