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Quartus Prime Pro purchase



I could see in the intel Quartus Prime Pro purchase website, that there is fixed subscription and fixed subscription renewal. Does that mean the software expires in one year and then I pay for the renewal?

Adding to that, could you please elaborate on the difference between fixed and floating subscription?


Thanks a lot.  

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Yes, correct. After the maintenance expiry date, the renewal subscription is required with offering price as stated in our website


However, it is only done once in license lifetime before it turn to perpetual license.


Fixed license is a stand-alone (node-locked, single-user) license, tied to the network interface card(NIC) ID of the computer on which you installed the Intel FPGA software.


Floating license is floating network (multi-user) license is for users running the Quartus Prime software on multiple computers connected on a network. A license server issues licenses to computers on demand. Floating licenses are not operating system-specific. If you want to run the Intel FPGA software on additional computers, you can purchase additional seats to add to your floating license after its original purchase.


I hope this clarifies your questions.