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Quartus Prime Std.: How to enable speed grades "I6/A6" for MAX10 devices?

Hello to all

Background: The 10mxxxC6ES (MAX 10) supports DDR3 RAM but the "C6" production version was probably never produced (never found it on DigiKey or so). The "C7" DOES NOT support DDR3 as described in official Intel's documentation. Instead, the "I6/A6" production versions support DDR3 but these two speed grades are NOT supported by Quartus Prime Std. by default in contrast...

The end-user must ask the nearest Intel Support Center for the specific code to enable this feature.

After wasting hours to find a REAL existing company which operate as an official "Intel Support" (with email and address) I wrote an email (over a week ago), but never heard anything.

What is going on at Intel FPGA - formerly Altera?

Is there a code around to enable "I6/A6" in Quartus Prime Std. for MAX10 and how to obtain it?


Thanks a lot for any help and information,


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When I open the IP generation GUI I can select the Speed Grade of 6 without any warning and assume that Quartus std support the I6 for the DDR3 Uniphy IP

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Hello yoichiK_intel

My question was clear, I think. I don't asked for an work-around.

1. Is there an enabling code around as described or not?

2. Why does Intel ignore my request

Quartus Prime Std. does NOT support the MAX10 I6 speed grade in the device selection. It seems that IP selector and device selector working differently...but again: this was not the question and not the intention to run into any additional try-and-error.


Thanks a lot

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