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Quartus Prime complete lack of real data type support?

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I have a function (basicaly implements a LUT) something like the following: 


function integer gen_lut; input integer addr; localparam SOME_CONSTANT = 418.39; // Gets calculated at runtime. localparam D0 = 0.785398163 * SOME_CONSTANT; localparam D1 = 0.463647609 * SOME_CONSTANT; ... begin case (addr) 0: gen_lut = D0; 1: gen_lut = D1; ... endcase end endfunction 


The thing is I need to convert d0, d1, ... from real type to integer at elaboration time to use it later in design. 


I've tried using system function $rtoi, $floor but Quartus complains: error (10174): verilog hdl unsupported feature error at top.v(54): system function "$floor" is not supported for synthesis 


Then I've tried implementing a constant function, since I already have log2 function implemented and it works, floor that would take real number and output a integer like so: 

function integer floor; input real x; integer int_part; begin int_part = x; if (int_part > x) begin floor = int_part - 1; end else begin floor = int_part; end end endfunction 


And the tool complains again: error (10172): verilog hdl unsupported feature error at real variable data type values are not supported. 


IMHO, this is just ridiculous. I am not even trying to synthesise real values I just want to convert them to integer at elaboration time. Does Quartus even have any kind of support for real data types? I mean even Xillinx ISE and Icarus Verilog have these features supported and have no problem synthesizing. 


Is there a workaround this problem? I would still like to keep real numbers in the code for easier parametrization. 




I saw a similar thread that was posted in 2008, so these features havent been implemented for almost 10 years??? Come on, its not like the whole IDE needs to be re-implemented...
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I've found one possible workaround, how to round real data type down to nearest integer: 


1) Create a constant function that will convert real to nearest integer (up or down): 

function integer rtoi; input integer x; begin rtoi = x; end endfunction 


2) Create a macro that will round real down to integer: 

`define FLOOR(x) ((rtoi(x) > x) ? rtoi(x) - 1 : rtoi(x)) 


3) Use the macro: 

localparam real R_TEST = 0.785398163 * SOME_CONSTANT; integer floor_int = `FLOOR(R_TEST);  



Best regards!