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Quartus can't start Fitter (can't load library error)

New Contributor I

I have a problem with a Quartus Pro installtion:


Everytime I try to synthesis a project, the Fitter stage crashes with the following error:


Problem Details Error: Internal Error: Sub-system: ATCL, File: /quartus/ccl/atcl/atcl_root.cpp, Line: 987 ------------------------------------- Error found while sourcing: c:/intelfpga_pro/19.2/quartus/common/tcl/internal/init/fdrgn.pkg_info ------------------------------------- ERROR: Can't load library: c:\intelfpga_pro\19.2\quartus\bin64\fitter_fdrgn.dll. The operating system reports the following error: The specified module could not be found.     Stack Trace: 0x535d: err_report_internal_error + 0x2d (CCL_ERR) 0xfe33: atcl_initialize_pkg_info + 0x4e3 (ccl_atcl) 0x10dca: atcl_initialize_quartus_interpreter + 0xaa (ccl_atcl) 0xf742: atcl_get_interpreter + 0x42 (ccl_atcl) 0x2ddf6: ACF_MANAGER_STORAGE_REAL::ACF_MANAGER_STORAGE_REAL + 0x606 (db_acf) 0x2501d: ACF_MANAGER::internal_open_create_project + 0x7bd (db_acf) 0x2697d: ACF_MANAGER::open_project + 0x7bd (db_acf) 0xe1954: QHD_ROOT_IMPL::open_acf_if_needed + 0xc4 (comp_qhd) 0xe084e: QHD_ROOT_IMPL::initialize + 0x10e (comp_qhd) 0x17e73: QCU::DETAIL::initialise_qhd + 0xb3 (comp_qcu) 0x18028: QCU::DETAIL::initialise_qhd_and_perform_checks + 0x98 (comp_qcu) 0x1816c: QCU::DETAIL::intialise_qhd_and_run_qexe + 0x6c (comp_qcu) 0x290bc: qcu_run_tcl_option + 0x2ec (comp_qcu) 0x19c58: qexe_run + 0x438 (comp_qexe) 0x1ad8a: qexe_standard_main + 0x26a (comp_qexe) 0x2052: qfit2_main + 0x82 (quartus_fit) 0x14a08: msg_main_thread + 0x18 (CCL_MSG) 0x160ae: msg_thread_wrapper + 0x6e (CCL_MSG) 0x20fb0: mem_thread_wrapper + 0x70 (ccl_mem) 0x13f8d: msg_exe_main + 0x20d (CCL_MSG) 0x2918: __scrt_common_main_seh + 0x11c (quartus_fit) 0x17bd3: BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x13 (KERNEL32) 0x6cee0: RtlUserThreadStart + 0x20 (ntdll)   End-trace     Executable: quartus Comment: None   System Information Platform: windows64 OS name: Windows 10 OS version: 10.0   Quartus Prime Information Address bits: 64 Version: 19.2.0 Build: 57 Edition: Pro Edition

The file it can't load is where it should be.


What I've tried until now:

  • Reinstalled Quartus (using both direct download and Download Manager)
  • Installed it into another directory
  • Installed it on another drive
  • Excluted the Quartus directory in the anti virus software
  • Deactived the anti virus software

... but nothing helped ...


What else could I try to fix this?



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New Contributor I

Thank you very much!!! That solved the problem!


I had to install both (x64 and x86), because with the x64 alone Modelsim didn't want to start anymore. But now both are working fine.