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Quartus hangup with jtagd segfault on UBUNTU 16.04 LTS 64 bit. See dmesg -w log. The hardware run fine on Windows 7 Pro 64Bit.


dmesg -w



[56235.522788] usb 1-1.4: USB disconnect, device number 9

[56241.096120] usb 1-1.4: new full-speed USB device number 10 using ehci-pci

[56241.214818] usb 1-1.4: New USB device found, idVendor=09fb, idProduct=6001

[56241.214820] usb 1-1.4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3

[56241.214822] usb 1-1.4: Product: USB-Blaster

[56241.214823] usb 1-1.4: Manufacturer: Altera

[56241.214824] usb 1-1.4: SerialNumber: ARY3JO9D

[56676.885756] jtagd[15141]: segfault at 25ae000 ip 00007f96bf98f930 sp 00007ffce808f398 error 4 in[7f96bf8fb000+1c0000]


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Referring to segfault error. I’m suspecting that you run Quartus software as a user, which means jtagd will also run as a user. Therefore, you must edit permission for the usb_device.

jtagd is part of the Quartus tools and is a daemon that provides the interface between the Altera tool accessing the JTAG chain and the USB driver. 

Refer to link on how to fix USB driver permissions