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Quartus license


I got a license from FAE, but we i add this license file to the quartus pro 20.4 it seem not work, but FAE believe that this license is correct, i check the mac, it is right.

if there any PATH should be set or any other wrong in my linux PC ?

Screenshot from 2021-04-03 13-17-42.png

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some lane of my license file



SERVER <hostname> 244BFE4ABD63 <port number>
VENDOR alterad "<daemon exe w/complete path>"
VENDOR mgcld "<path to daemon executable>"
FEATURE maxplus2 alterad 9999.12 30-may-2021 10 3BC3FAD47BD2 \
SIGN="0F25 A18E 0670 0623 65C2 186E CA7E F7F0 5ABE 6B05 B058 \
DB27 A71D 936A D40A 1EF6 5A60 2BBD 8F92 B38C 7799 04CE EB71 \
C477 0BBC 9446 FD68 99A4 FD18 A994"
FEATURE quartus alterad 9999.12 30-may-2021 10 793577EED1C2 \
SIGN="175A 79D5 376A 5DFA BD38 85EF 5FE6 A9FF 323A A6CF 0EF9 \
8B4B 905B D0D7 D5B4 0F7A 73C5 604B 6EF5 7CED 999B DCCF 00F8 \
B681 E339 4CF5 3B5A D1F4 4C20 A488"
FEATURE quartus_pro alterad 9999.12 30-may-2021 10 8247EA183A3E \
SIGN="1DAE 7D36 825E FE9F FC14 A542 E506 BC5B 18AF 1721 EB65 \
225E FFDB 5D8C BBB9 1A96 A5D2 F446 781D 54D9 816D C734 410D \
DB2B F9BE C432 36E8 937D B5B0 AFF4"
FEATURE quartus_red_black alterad 9999.12 30-may-2021 10 86C10B3D6E48 \
SIGN="014A 38B4 7452 493B E8C5 A88A F567 F420 C735 C91A 6426 \
3C26 4F7C E602 669E 10D7 FA7D 1BB3 1F39 825A D214 06D0 E693 \
4507 B421 576B 0285 32B0 7792 3F82"
FEATURE quartus_partial_reconfig alterad 9999.12 30-may-2021 10 \
BB2AFB85FBB1 SIGN="0E43 5552 BD90 031A 0F49 52B1 5576 802D \
2C25 250C 6E6D 2E42 41F3 2DB9 390F 0EF9 BB8D 8FF0 F003 B57C \
ED50 B61B 276F 9CD0 A4CB 3D7A F299 616C 3FEF 77A1"
FEATURE opencl_sdk alterad 9999.12 30-may-2021 10 4BD80F5DFBA3 \
SIGN="111D 6B83 66BA 9666 4E50 1D60 C897 D33A BF65 3129 1147 \
E349 97FC FD00 BEDD 0DAA F165 C333 1172 F09E FB09 76E5 A3A4 \

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Dear Majinfly,


Thank you for contacting Intel Community Forum. I have received your case, please allow my team to review your case. In the meantime, I have sent you a message to request some confidential info.




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