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RST_N port of pll


I add a simple pll to my design and i continue to run into the following error even though i don't have that port.

Error: RST_N port on the PLL is not properly connected on instance SOC_27Mhz_clk|iopll_0|altera_iopll_i|twentynm_pll|iopll_inst. The reset port on the PLL must be connected. If the PLL loses lock for any reason, you might need to manually reset the PLL in order to re-establish lock to the reference clock. 

Info: Must be connected 


below is my pll equations:

pll27mhz SOC_27Mhz_clk(

.rst (syn_reset),    //  reset.reset

.refclk (clk_50mhz),   // refclk.clk

.locked (socpll_locked),   // locked.export

.outclk_0 (clk27mhz) // outclk0.clk



any idea how to deal with this? I am using Quartus 18.1 pro



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