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Rapid Compilation never works for my Arria10 project with only change to .stp

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20.2 pro, Arria10

Even if I only disable Trigger Enable for single signal, a whole compile is needed.

Always getting the same error when attempting Rapid Recompile.

Error(20279): Rapid Recompile could not locate a design database from a previous compilation on disk. Perform a successful Full Compilation before requesting Rapid Recompile and make sure intermediate snapshot writes are enabled with the Enable Intermediate Fitter Snapshots assignment. 


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As mentioned in the error, have you enabled the creation of the intermediate Fitter snapshots?

Since you're turning something off instead of adding something (like tapping an additional node), it should work.  When you make the change, does the status bar at the top of the .stp file say that you can/should perform a RR to implement the change?


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Thanks for your attention.

I indeed didn't know "Enable intermediate Fitter Snapshots" needs to be turned on, until FAE pointed out for me.

Now it seems working although it's not real RAPID, only slightly faster for me.

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