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Recommended Linux OS?

Honored Contributor II

Hello, everyone. 


I just got my Terasic De1-soc board.  

Altera FPGA SDK for OpenCL ver 16.1/17.0 (only BSP ver 16.0 is provided by Terasic) and EDS SOC tools will be used in the development.  

Referring to the OpenCL Getting Start Guide, it is stated that Linux OS is supported. But there's a lot of Linux OS distributions (e.g: Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat and so on...) 


Only the detail of OS support of Altera FPGA SDK ver 17.1 is listed in the link below: 



So, could anyone please kindly tell me which version of Linux OS i should use?  


Thank you
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Honored Contributor II

Since you have a SoC board and you do not need PCI-E driver, all the specific distributions listed on Altera's website should work fine. My personal recommendation is CentOS v6.8.