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Rename a folder in IP catalog


In Quartus, under Tools->options->IP catalog search path ->Global IP Search

I added the a folder that has a custom IP.


When I open Platform Designer, the folder is not showing up in IP Catalog under Libraries.  Why it is not showing up even though it is in search path?


Then I open the qsys project and added the same path in Tools->Options->IP Search Path window even though the Global path window shows the IP path.


Now the IP catalog shows the IP under a new folder called USER LOGIC. How to rename this folder to different name?



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I'm not sure why adding the IP in Quartus is preventing you from seeing it in PD, but for the folder location in the IP Catalog, that's set in the component's _hw.tcl file that got created (assuming you used the PD Component Editor to create the component).  You could edit that file to change the location of the component in the IP Catalog.


Hi, did the above comment help?


Not really. See the attachment. I like to know how to change the folder "User Logic" to different name. That "User Logic" is auto assigned by Quartus in IP Catalog window when I mapped the path in "IP Search Path". When I expanded the User Logic, all my custom IP are there. But how to change the User Logic to something more meaningful.


Also initially I wanted the IP folder as listed in Quartus Global IP Search Path added to IP Catalog. So every time, platform designer is opened, the IPs are there. That did not happen. So I added in the IP Search path to do it. Thought for Global should do it as well.

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What you are showing in the screen shot are the search paths Platform Designer uses to look for IP (looking for _hw.tcl and .ipx files) that will appear in the IP Catalog, not the actual folders that will appear in the IP Catalog.  The actual placement of how your custom IP/components will appear in the IP Catalog is set by the _hw.tcl file for each component.  Look for a line in the _hw.tcl file for one of your custom components:

set_module_property GROUP "User Logic"

and edit the name there.  Again, this is specified in the Platform Designer Component Editor on the Component Type tab, the field named "Group", so you can use the Component Editor to adjust this or simply edit the _hw.tcl file.