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Replace Stratix V C2 speed grade 0.90V on I2L 0.85V


Good afternoon colleague.


I want to replace the 5SGXMA7K2F40C2 chip on my board. 0.9v VCC.

I have is similar 5SGSMD5K2F40I2LN, but it is 0.85V VCC.


In Stratix V datasheet says: "C2L and I2L can also be run at 0.90 V for legacy boards that were designed for the C2 and I2 speed grades"


Does this mean that I can replace chips without any fee changes on board?


Thank you in advance

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Apologies for the late response.

we can replace with these Key factors to keep in mind, first make sure that Vcc, Vccio, currents and bank voltages are kept same or are well within the devices limits. The next factor would be the pin counts/pinouts – apart from the IO pins, the CLK/RESET/VCC/VccIO pins , configuration pins should all match up and both devices should be pin-to-pin compatible. Then these two devices can be swapped between each other. 


Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance.


Best Regards

Vikas Jathar 

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