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Resources to get Quartus II and Modelsim training


I am very interested in taking an online training for Quartus II and Modelsim. Intel only have introductory level of training on their website. I would like to take intermediate and/or advanced level training. They don't have any private/instructor led training in US right now. I am waiting this one for a long time. Now, I need to take training ASAP. Is there any other resources you guys can suggest me? I am also willing take a paid online training. Please provide me your feedback. I would really appreciate that.

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We have extensive beginner and advanced training, both live instructor-led, virtual, as well as self-paced free online training. If you don't see a public live training, chances are there is an equivalent online training, and you can request a training class for your company as well (minimum of 4 people). Check out all your options here:


For ModelSim, we recommend going direct to the source: Mentor Graphics. We have a basic ModelSim online training, but you can get much more extensive training from them:





Hi Riddhi,

Yes,the above post is navigating to absolutely correct place.

just go through the all options like Curricula, Catalog, Schedule etc for more details.