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Setting VCCPD in the Pin Planner or in any other way

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My problem is that the standard setting of VCCPD for my project is 2.5V and I need to set it for certain banks to 3.3V. I have looked through the pin planner, and the device settings and I haven't found a single setting to change it. 


I need to change it, as I need 3.3V LVCMOS output, which requires 3.3V VCCIO, which in turn requires setting the VCCPD for those banks to 3.3V. 


I know this is a blatant question, but I really haven't found how to do it anywhere. 


Thank you and have a nice day, 


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No, you cannot manually set the VCCPD voltage supply of a particular bank in the Quartus® II design software, since the required VCCPD voltage of a bank is dependent upon it's respective VCCIO. The required VCCPD voltage is derived by the Quartus II design software from the respective VCCIO setting. 


To make a voltage assignment to the VCCIO supply of a bank, you can use the following assignment: 


set_global_assignment -name IOBANK_VCCIO <voltage> -section_id <bank> 


Where <voltage> is the required voltage (e.g. 3.3V) and <bank> is the bank number (e.g. 3C). 


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Anand Raj Shankar 

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