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Setup ALTGX_RECONFIG instances for two ALTGX instances on the same transceiver block

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How to setup and connect one ALTGX_RECONFIG instances for two ALTGX instances on the same transceiver-block ? 



* Quartus 14.1 

* FPGA: Cyclone IV GX EP4CGX15F14C6N 


Each ALTGX instances support one channel as follow: 

1. PCIe - generated by Qsys. 

There is a bug in Quartus that does not allow to configure "starting channel number" so as I understand, it's fixed internally to 0. 

2. Basic - generated by ALTGX MegaWizard Plug-In Manager. 

The "starting channel number" was set to the next value that is '4'. 


Each ALTGX instances has reconfig_fromgxb[4..0] output and reconfig_togxb[3..0] input. reconfig_togxb[3..0] is connect in paralell to ALTGX_RECONFIG. 


At ALTGX_RECONFIG instance for "What is the number of channels controlled by the reconfig controller?" I set to 2 since there are two channels (PCIe and Basic). 

ALTGX_RECONFIG instances has reconfig_fromgxb[4..0] input and reconfig_togxb[3..0] output. 


From Cyclone IV Device Handbook, Dynamic Reconfiguration Controller Port List there is some hint how to connect multiply ALTGX instances to a single ALTGX_RECONFIG instance. 

According to the hint, 

* connect the reconfig_fromgxb[4..0] of altgx instance 1 to the reconfig_fromgxb[4..0] of the altgx_reconfig instance. 

connect the reconfig_fromgxb[] port of the next altgx instance to the next available bits of the altgx_reconfig instance, and so on. 

* connect the reconfig_fromgxb port of the altgx instance, which has the highest what is the starting channel number? option, to the msb of the reconfig_fromgxb port of the altgx_reconfig instance. 


therefore I connected as follow: 

* reconfig_fromgxb[4..0] output from PCIe instances to ALTGX_RECONFIG instance reconfig_fromgxb[4..0] input. 

* reconfig_fromgxb[4..0] output from basic instances to nothing since there is no other ALTGX_RECONFIG instance reconfig_fromgxb[4..0] input left to connect. 


When compile I get this error: 

error (15629): atom "address_pres_reg[0]~3" is dependent on unconnected input ports 


I noticed this link "" discuss about this error but it didn't much help. 


Any idea ?
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Did you try the suggestion given in link? 

to use the latest version of quartus. 


Let me know if you need any further assistance. 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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Tested with Quartus 13 and 17.1, on both of them the issue is fixed and there is no such error.  



I had to set to 8 "what is the number of channels controlled by the reconfig controller?" so ALTGX_RECONFIG instances will have reconfig_fromgxb[9..0] although I have only two channels (PCIe and Basic).  

why ? 

It would be much simpler to understand and connect if GX reconfig port would be a seperate ALT instance take care the all PHY channels and not spread between ALTGX instances.