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Stratix V Transceiver Error "REFCLK port on the PLL is not properly connected"



I am trying to instantiate a transceiver I designed for Stratix V. Here is module declaration: 


module optic_xcvr_mod( 

input wire system_clk, 

input wire pll_ref_clk, 

input wire rx_serial_data_0, 

output wire tx_ready, 

output wire rx_ready, 

output wire tx_serial_data_0 




And here is the instantiation within the top level design file: 


wire system_clk_0; 

wire pll_ref_clk_0; 

wire rx_serial_data_0; 

wire tx_ready_0; 

wire rx_ready_0; 

wire tx_serial_data_0; 


optic_xcvr_mod xcvr_mod_1( 









Yet I keep getting the error "REFCLK port on the PLL is not properly connected on instance...". I assume it is talking about the pll_ref_clk, which from what I can tell is connected properly. 


Thanks in advance for your help
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