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Synthesis Hung for Large Designs

I am trying to synthesize a design that includes:

  • 64x64x64x128 Single-Port RAM
  • 64x64x64x32 Single-Port ROM
  • 64x64x64x64 Two-Port RAM

on a 1SG280LN2F43E1VG device with Quartus 20.3 and I have found that the tool is stuck at 33% of the Analysis & Synthesis phase for 3 days. There are no meaningful warnings about the RTL design and I believe I have enough resources on the device for this design.

For what it's worth, I was able to implement both a design that includes:

  • 16x16x16x128 Single-Port RAM
  • 16x16x16x32 Single-Port ROM
  • 16x16x16x64 Two-Port RAM

and a design that includes:

  • 32x32x32x128 Single-Port RAM
  • 32x32x32x32 Single-Port ROM
  • 32x32x32x64 Two-Port RAM

See attached PNG, it summarizes some of the results for both the successfully implemented designs.

I was running into a similar issue before, but the tool ended up synthesizing the design (albeit a slightly different one) in 30 hours, it then took 4 hours to get through Timing Analysis. Unfortunately, I no longer have information from that run.

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