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USB-Blaster on Windows 7

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I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 today and got Quartus II V9.0 up and running OK, didn't even reinstall it, just used the installation I previously used in Vista x32. I tried to install the USB-Blaster using the drivers that came with Quartus II V9.0 but Windows 7 complains about them not being digitally signed and installing them either way will not work. Those drivers that came with the Programmer V9.x sp2 won't work either.  


Has anyone been able to circumvent this problem? I am aware that Windows 7 is really new and Altera probably hasn't finished porting their software completely. I still have the Vista installation with working QII and USB-Blaster, so there's no need for an immediate fix. Just wanted to let people know that they probably won't be able to use the USB-Blaster yet.
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Here is my findings for getting the USB Blaster to work. 


1) Installing Quartus. (You poor bastard) 

2) Sign up for an altera username and password 

3) Download the web edition of quartus 12 from Altera (2.5GB). (Firefox doesn’t work with the download manager, use Internet Explorer) 

4) Wait a few hours for download to finish. If it fails then return to step 2. 

5) Install Quartus 12. 



6) Getting the Altera JTAG server to run. 

7) Download the stand alone programmer version 11.0 for Windows from Altera (111MB). (v12 does not work with 64-bit so we use the programming files from v11) 

8) Install stand alone programmer software. 



9) Getting the USB blaster cable to be recognised by Quartus. 

10 Download Quartus II Web Edition 7.2 service pack 1 from the download manager (775MB). (v12 does not come with working 64-bit USB drivers, they install but do not get recognised in the Quartus software) 

11 Again wait a few hours for the download to complete. This doesn’t use a POS download manager so it’s more likely to work correctly first time. 

12 Install Quartus 7.2 

13 Plug in USB blaster cable and wait for driver installation to fail, cancelling the pointless windows update check will speed things up. 

14 Click the start menu, right click computer and select properties. 

15 Select Device manager. 

16 Right click the unknown device and select update driver software. 

17 Select browse my computer for driver software. 

18 Point the installer to the following location “C:\altera\72sp1\quartus\drivers”. 

19 Ensure include subfolders is ticked 

20 Complete the driver installation by clicking install anyway, next or yes until the wizard is finished.  



21 Run the Altera Quartus Software. 

22 Select Tools -> Programmer 

23 Ensure the Mode is set to JTAG. 

24 Click the Hardware Setup Button. 

25 USB Blaster should be listed in the available hardware list. 

26 Use the Currently Selected hardware drop down menu to select the USB blaster 

27 Click Close. 



28 Begin the course. 




Realise that Altera is not a company you ever want to associate yourself with and uninstalling everything before seeking out some Altera staff and giving them much deserved abuse, kicking/stoning to death is probably too good for them. Over £200 for a $10 “USB” cable and it doesn’t even come close to working out the box!!
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