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Unable to download Quartus lite 20.1


I have been trying to download the Quartus software for a class and have been unable to download it.

I have tried downloading the software on Windows, Mac and Linux, in all three I have used multiple different browsers including IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox with cleared browser cache and cookies and disabled all adblocking.

The problem I noticed and gave to Intel already in a ticket is the link on the download page points to a javascript.void(0) which indicates a popup blocker problem but with a fresh install of Linux, using the most up to date version of Firefox I am still unable to access the software.

If anyone knows anything else I can try or can provide me the software I am in desperate need of it for class.

-update I was finally able to download the software after disabling all security on IE

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Hi Ian,

Glad to hear this. To download QP, you have to disable any security blocker, ad-block if applcable.