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Unable to generate bsp project from eclipse.

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In Eclipse when I click "Finish" to create new BSP project based on my .sopcinfo file, I get error:

" Executing: wsl dos2unix create-this-bsp; ./create-this-bsp --cpu-name nios2_proc --no-make (D:\intelFPGA_lite\Projects\New_Proj\software\Proj_SW_bsp)

'wsl' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file."


Then I found this:

So, I tried to launch Eclipse from command shell, and it made no difference.

Is there any new fix for this ugly problem ?

Or should I use older version ? Which ?

I am using Quartus II Prime Lite 19.1



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Maybe the WSL isn't installed correctly, can you please follow the steps in the link below?


Best regards,


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Yes, WSL was not actually installed. Thank you.

Now, I am getting new error:

/bin/bash: dos2unix: command not found

./create-this-bsp: line 4: $'\r': command not found

./create-this-bsp: line 11: $'\r': command not found

./create-this-bsp: line 20: syntax error near unexpected token `$'in\r''

./create-this-bsp: line 20: ` case "$1" in


Could it be path finding issue ? Or am I missing something ? I do not even know where dos2unix is installed.

Do I need to do something in Eclipse to help it find this dos2unix ?


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I was able to resolve the issue, and my Eclipse now compiles perfectly.

It turns out this Intel page

which has instructions on how to install WSL, was missing key instruction shown below as #a:


a. sudo apt-get update ---- this was missing from Intel instruction

 b. sudo apt install wsl

 c. sudo apt install dos2unix

 d. sudo apt install make


As a result, during installation of WSL I was getting Linux error "E: Unable to locate package wsl".

Then later in Eclipse I was getting the error: /bin/bash: dos2unix: command not found , and I could not compile the project.


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What is even more confusing is that WSL and the Linux distribution that you may have installed under Windows 10, such as Ubuntu, is not the same!

I had to open WSL console in Windows 10 and install make and dos2unix. Installing it in my Ubuntu installation did not work. 

This is very frustrating. There should be a much simpler way to install the necessary tools for NIOS than this.