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Update memory initialization file in Quartus project for remote system update


I have implemented remote update on cyclone IV FPGA board. After the power cycle the factory image is configured and then the nios boots correctly. When I configure the application image without the application hex file, the sof is configured properly. I checked it by using PIO in Qsys and assigning different values to the fpga pins. In the factory configuration the fpga pin has 3 volts and in the application image it has 0 volts. I was also able to download elf file on the application image from eclipse.

There is however one problem , the nios in applicaiton image does n't boot when the application hex file is loaded. The problem is likely due to the fact that the epcs bootloader which I am using starts from address 0 in the EPCS and is not able to find the proper hex file for the application image and the factory image is loaded again after the reconfiguration code is executed.
I have tried replacing the epcs_controller_0_boot_rom.hex file with the hex file generated from a custom bootloader and when I try to update the .hex file in Quratus using "Update Memory Initialization File". I get the following error:
"(390022) found no valid memory initialization file to process"
This file is generated during compilation and contains the default bootloader.  The file is located where it should be. Why is Quartus not able to find it?
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Hi Fazeel,

Can you try double confirming and ensure that you have a valid .mif or .hex to process. Recheck and specify the location, including the file name and extension as well and try to reboot.




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Thank you Syafieq

Do I need to give the path in the parameter window of on chip memory in Qsys?


By doing this I initialise the on chip memory. Is there a way to initialise the epcs bootloader with my own custom bootloader?

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> "Recheck and specify the location, including the file name and extension as well and try to reboot."

by reboot you mean power cycling nios ??


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