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Using Altera-Modelsim for a Block Diagram/Schematic Design in Quartus II

Hello everyone, I have designed a simple multiplexing system using Quartus II Block Diagram/Schematic tool. The project runs without any problem. I even downloaded it onto a DE2 board without any errors. But I just can't simulate it using neither (Quartus Simulator) nor (Altera-ModelSim). So, what do you think I made a mistake?? I wanted to use Altera-ModelSim simulator and I did everything right, from locating the executable file directory to everything. When Altera ModelSim opens, it gives me the following message ( Invalid time string specified) 


I need your help very much, thanks again. Also, I have attached a screenshot of the project I made, I would be grateful if anyone could look at it and see if there is something wrong with it. 



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If it's a schematic design, you have to convert it to HDL code to use ModelSim-Altera. You can do that in the File menu in the schematic editor. I don't know what version of Quartus you are using, but the tool hasn't included the "Quartus Simulator" in a long time. 


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