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Using the Transceiver Toolkit



I am trying to use the transceiver toolkit to do BER testing and generate EyeQ diagrams. Do I need to generate a tcl script through ModelSim before using the transceiver toolkit? I tried jumping straight into the toolkit after programming the FPGA with the transceiver design and I get this error when trying to link my design to the FGPA: 




SEVERE: Device /devices/5SGXEA7H(1|2|2ES|3|3ES)|..@1#USB-1#DE5 Standard does not match design xcvr.sof (Device has usercode 0332C73C but design has usercode FFFFFFFF) 


And the transceiver toolkit shows no connections in the transceiver channels list. Is this because I need to verify my design by simulating it in modelsim and reference the .tcl script to the toolkit, or is this an indication that I did not create the transceiver design correctly?
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