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Utility to Generate SPD file from IP file


Version: Prime Pro 19.1

Device Stratix 10


I have *.ip files for each of  the IP blocks used in my design: PLLs, Altera Clock Control, internal oscillator, ROM etc. etc.

I am trying to script a flow to generate the combined simulation compile script that I will need for the entire design.


  1. Is there a utility I can use in my script, that can take the *.ip files and produce the *.spd files that are needed by ip-make-simscript and ip-setup-simulation. I know that we can check the box in the GUI to generate all the simulation files, but now it means the simulation files will have to be kept in source code control.  With *.qsys files, I have a script that runs qsys-generate to produce what I need for each IP block then I run ip-setup-simulation and that produces the combined simulation script. However, I don't see any equivalent capability for *.ip files in your documentation.
  2. Which of the two, ip-make-simscript or ip-setup-simulation should I be using?
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As you mentioned , there is an option to make the simulation script from the IP, as far I know there is not generic examples or scrips to make the entire IP to make simulation

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