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We have an issue with our floating DSP perpetual licenses, the LMGRD as stopped running, see error message below


lmgrd is not running: License server machine is down or not responding.

See the system administrator about starting the license server system, or

make sure you're referring to the right host (see LM_LICENSE_FILE).


License path: 1800@SRVP-WA-LIC02;

FlexNet Licensing error:-96,491

For further information, refer to the FlexNet Licensing documentation,

available at "".


This happened after a system outage we did last weekend, the server was working fine before all this, is it a license issue or a windows's Server update that might have stopped it from working normally

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Based on the error message, this seems to be an issue with your license server service. You should check the server on which you have installed the floating license and make sure the license server (lmgrd) is up and running and that port 1800 on that server is not blocked by anything.


Hi thank you for the follow-up, we took the files from our other licensing server, the older versions of the files did the trick, we are back online. So the problem we had were with the most recent lmgr files. Sometimes the old stuff is the best thing.