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What causes a quartus and nios license to not get released after a build completes in quartus prime 18.0? Or how can the tools be convinced to release the license after a build completes without restarting the server each time?


We are seeing a case where there is a 2-seat license in a windows 10 environment and after the quartus 18.0 build completes the NIOS II license is not being released.  So, a second user is not able to launch a different quartus build (using quartus 15.1.0) with the message that he is waiting for a license.  This persists even after shutting quartus down completely.  The workaround right now is to stop and restart the license server.​

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Is there a difference in edition between the two (Standard vs. Pro)?


Have you tried simply quitting the software on one before starting it on the other?

They are both standard quartus versions. And yes, exiting quartus does not free up the license. There must be files hanging around that cause it to fail. I’ve seen that in linux but not in windows. Danny Newman Field Applications Engineer Arrow Electronics 4601 Creekstone Dr Suite 170 Durham, NC 27703 919-381-7162<>