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Why Quartus 18.1 Lite can not run inside an LXD container?


I've installed Quartus 18.1 Lite in an LXD container (on Ubuntu 18.04). Unfortunately, it can not run, always crashes with one of the following errors:

fpgabuild@fpgabuild:~$ quartus

quartus: malloc.c:2868: mremap_chunk: Assertion `((size + offset) & (GLRO (dl_pagesize) - 1)) == 0' failed.

Aborted (core dumped)


fpgabuild@fpgabuild:~$ quartus

realloc(): invalid pointer

Aborted (core dumped)


Is there any solution or workaround allowing Quartus to run inside an LXD container?


The same Quartus install kit applied to the base system works without any problem. (The base system hosts the container.)


By using container the intention is to preserve the whole building environment for later recover-ability.


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I found a discussion about malloc failing. Could be memory allocation failed when data segment is invalid or the system is low on memory?


You can use the valgrind memory error detector to help you find these kind of errors.

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