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aocl freezes device

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Could anyone help me. I'm a complete newbie with FPGA. I have a device Arria 10 SoC Deve Kit which has ARM controller. 

So I'm trying to program it with a compiled OpenCL file. I copied a Linux image for this device supplied with OpenCL SDK on SD card and started the the device. 

It starts without any issues. I connect to device using GtkTerm or PuTTY via COM(USB) terminal and login as root. No password required. I initialise opencl running source ./ When I run lsmod I can see OpenCL driver is loaded into Linux kernel. Then I'm trying to run aocl diagnose and the system just freezes completely. Ctrl-C does not work at all and I have to switch power off. The same happening if I'm trying to program it using something like aocl program hello_world.aocx it just freezes as well. A person who gave me this device to play with can't help as she is not a Linux specialist like me but FPGA developer and connects to this device without issues from Windows via USB directly. She does not use ARM at all. I suspect that FPGA is not available from ARM via AXI interface as probably some jumper is not switched properly or something like that. I think so as she uses FPGA part of this device without any issues and I started Linux without any issues. The image I used is intelFPGA/17.1/hld/board/a10soc/a10soc_linux_sd_card_image.tgz 


Could anyone suggest anything or we should contact Altera Support?
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After you flashed the SDcard did you at least manage to run the built in hello world example in the SDcard? just to make sure the board setup is all good. 


For Soc arm32 based Open CL example, you also need to have the SOCEDS for arm based host compilation tool chain. 


We do not have Arria 10 soc Open CL guide, but the below's Cyclone V soc procedure is still valid. 





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Thanks for your response. we used that video 


We can't run anything including built-in hello_world.aocx. We can't reach that stage as it crashes on aocl diagnose command 

as well as aocl program hello_world.aocx
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I suspect that something is wrong either with switches on a board (however my partner thinks she configured all the switches) or there is an issue with OpenCL driver(aclsoc_drv) so system crashes completely