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bblpt service won't start

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I'm running Quartus II 8.1 in Windows XP with a (working) CardBus parallel port. Quartus "Add Hardware" dialog shows a "ByteBlasterMV or ByteBlaster II" option for "Hardware type:", but displays "kernel mode driver not installed" for "Port:" 


Running sc query parport indicates that the service is stopped. 

Running sc query parpvdm indicates that the service is stopped. 

sc start ... will not start the services. 


Running bblpt /r removes the service. 

Running bblpt /i reports "Can't start Altera ByteBlaster Service" 


Any suggestions?
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I thought I used to have to install the ByteBlaster driver manually when I'd first use the Quartus Programmer on a new Windows XP machine. I didn't find the instructions for that where I think they used to be, so maybe the driver is supposed to be installed automatically now. If something went wrong with the automatic installation, might help. It's for an issue before Quartus fully supported Windows XP SP2, but the instructions there might solve your problem.

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Thanks Brad. That link was what had lead me to the bblpt command. I should have included that running "net start ALTERABYTEBLASTER" returns: 


System error 1068 has occurred. 

The dependency service or group failed to start. 


Also, running "sc start ..." on either parport or parvdm returns: 


[SC] StartService FAILED 1058: 

The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. 


Any other suggestions?
Honored Contributor II

Hello guys, 

I found thread with very good instructions, it helped me a lot :) 


this damn system cant allow me post link, because I am newbie. So, google term "Configuring ByteBlaster and putting Kernal Mode driver to bed" 

It is very good thread on alteraforum

My  system win7 x64

Quartus (Quartus Prime 20.1)

And  i viewed  message

Can't start Altera ByteBlaster Service

After bblpt.exe /i


What  solving problem ?