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how can i order quartus ii via labview ?


Hello everyone,

I entered to make an automatic test bench of a card, and in the sequences of test one makes the uploading of the program of the FPGA which it finds in a .jic file towards the card, by using the software quartus ii, JTAG mode, and a USB Blaster. and in the procedure of my test bench this phase must be automatic, without the intervention of the quartus ii software, and this is done automatically in labview test sequences. is there a VI that allows me to automatically upload the program to the FPGA? what are the protocols to respect? as well as if there are DLLs or drivers.

thanks in advance .


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Hi 3000020717211.5482360670060833E12,


You can use the command line to program the file into the FPGA.

Source: (quartus_pgm)