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missing sopcinfo file after QSYS system generation?

Hi Altera Gurus, 


Two Questions: 


First Question: 

With Quartus tools 15.0 I receive a warning indicating that our build system should not use ip-generate to generate the QSYS system, and instead that qsys-generate is the preferred tool for system generation. However, qsys-generate does not appear to produce the sopcinfo file, and looking at the documentation its not real obvious that there is a command line switch that will cause an sopcinfo file to be generated? Does anyone know the name of the magic command line switch? 


Second Question: 

Also, on Linux I notice that qsys-generate appears to fail if the X Window System DISPLAY variable isn’t set, and we have the PCIe block in the QSYS system? We have not yet obtained a licence for this block, and so the Altera IP evaluation restrictions are in effect; could that be an underlying cause for our issue with the DISPLAY variable? 


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We are currently automating the QSYS system generation step by running ip-generate from the command line in our build system. However, I am starting to suspect that other sites might be automating the QSYS system generation step by adding the QSYS dot qsys source file to their Quartus project. In contrast we are currently adding the generated QSYS dot qip file to our Quartus project. 


Do any of you add the QSYS dot qsys source file directly to their Quartus project, and presumably benefit when Quartus automates the QSYS system generation, and hopefully also the QSYS subsystem dependencies checking which is definitely a weakness now with our build system?