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nativeLink RTL simulation does not start Vsim

Hello All, 


I'm using Quartus II 32 bit Version 13.1.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. 

After some fight, I was able to make it run. I had more investigations to make modelsim run. So now, I'm able to run 'vsim' from my prompt and I'm able to do simulation.:D 


As a next step, I want to run RTL simulation directly from Quartus. Normally it should open modelsim and do simulation, but not on my station. Instead it displays the 2 following lies: 

Info (22036): Successfully launched NativeLink simulation (quartus_sh -t "/media/rtillet/AddOn/Altera/13.1/quartus/common/tcl/internal/nativelink/qnativesim.tcl" --rtl_sim "multiplier" "multiplier") 

Info (22036): For messages from NativeLink execution see the NativeLink log file /home/rtillet/development/Work/FPGA/nativelink_modelsim/NativeLink_Modelsim_restored/multiplier_nativelink_simulation.rpt 


But nothing happens. No error, no modelsim start..... 

I've doucle check the option "Tools -> Options -> EDA Tools options -> ModelSim-Altera path. 


Dis I missed something or there is a special trick ? 


Thanks for your advices. 

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