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qspi activ serial quad controller cyclone V


how can i use two quad spi controllers for two identical flash memories (mt25ql02g), if one is connected for use in active serial mode, and the other for direct access (storing my data). When compiling, an error occurs on asmi_ip (if I use a QUAD controller), and if I use a generic serial flash - an error that adapter_32_8 is declared more than once. When configuring controllers in QSYS - (for the second flash memory of direct access I chose disable dedicated AS)?  
how can be used 2 gb flash micron (mt40ql02g) in activ seriaral mode?  


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Hi Vkap,

Apologize that it cannot be. You can only use 1 QSPI flash and a QSPI flash IP. I would suggest you to choose bigger QSPI flash, then, include a serial flash IP in your design. You may refer to link below for more information about the serial flash IP

With the IP, you can interact with the flash memory during user mode. However, you may want to avoid the memory addresses which you bitstream is stored in.

Thank You.

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