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unused pins configuration in Aria 10



I am a bit confused regarding proper configuration of unused pins in a design. I am using an Aria 10. Could i get some comments on the following questions? 


1) what is the definition of the 'unused pins' in general? Pins that i do not use because of my top level hdl design or pins that have been left unused when placing the fpga to pcb? 


2) when selecting options for unused pins (i.e. input tri-state weak pull up) does this affect all the pins that are not connected to any of my top level hdl signals? 


3) i am using Aria 10 fpga and in the 'pin connection guidelines' document, some pins have a guideline to use the Quartus software but others have guidelines such as 'tie to ground or vcc via a xxx resistor'. I guess this is a guideline when developing the PCB connections. But when using a ready board what should the developer do if those pins are not used in the design? 


4) in the same document sometimes it is referred: 'If the pins are not connected, use the Quartus Prime software programmable options to internally bias these pins' but elsewhere it says: 'connect this pin as defined in the Quartus Prime software'. Is there a difference in those two options? 


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