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(very) novice question of Quartus Prime Lite

Ladies and Gents, 


As my nickname suggests, I am very newbie in the field of FPGAs. Ị would like to build some knowledge up. 

As a first stem, I found in my drawer a BeMicroSDK board from Altera and Arrow. I downloaded an dinstalled a CentOs distro of linux, installed a Quartus Prime Lite version of development environment. 

Yes, I know, the language of FPGAs is VHDL (or Verilog). But I am a newbie. Since I wanna make my life easier, I started with schematics. I could succesfully debounce a button, create a 2Hz clock out of the 50MHz on the board, and a counter is also implemented. 


My first question is: 

There are some built-in schematic symbols in Quartus. Clicking on the AND gate at the top of the schematic editor, a funny little library is there. Some of them are self-explaining, but not all. Where can I find some description of them? For example: there is a barrel shift, there are 74 series logic, and so on. I need to know, how these symbols work, because the try-modify-tryagain method is boring. 

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Oops, what I already tried: google is not very friendly this case ; the documentation of Quartus does not have such a module description ; good old TTL databooks sometimes help, but the pin names and functions in Quartus can be different (74595 is an example)

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Hello NewbieFPGA.  


My solution was to read a good book (you can find .pdf online of older releases as well). 


It has (Xylinx and) Altera versions and VHLD en Verilog versions as well, so make sure you have the right one. 


Learning FPGA without a solid base is hard. 


It starts with a very good introduction to VERILOG / VHDL and goes on towards Nios. 


Best Regards and welcome to the forum,