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Cyclone V SOC EMAC TX Clk Problem In Linux Kernel 4.x/5.x


Hi All,

We have board designed with Cyclone V SOC and EMAC0 is being used for ethernet interface with RGMII-ID interface .Ethernet interface is working fine with Linux kernel 3.10.I have upgraded linux kernel to 4.x or 5.x where stmmac device drivers are updated. Here I have problem in the communication. Etherent Phy chip is deteced and link is also up. But when I try to ping there was no communication. Data link led also blinks in the phy chip. Then I probed the emac tx clock which is connected to phy chip. Its always 250MHz irrespective of the link speed. But its suppose to be 125/25/2.5 MHz for 1000/100/10 Mbps respectively.

Where could be the problem, Do i miss any settings. Can anyone please help on this issue?
I am using TI DP83867 Phy chip.

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You could check how the device tree is between the two kernels, to see if they are any difference between them.


If they are, then you might need to change the config of the device tree accordingly.

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