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Why SGDMA cannot not complete ?

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We are using interniche, and on trying to send an ethernet packet (udp), it fails in


with status 0xC.

I don't understand why SGDMA should fail. The code of the above function is a low level code which does a simple SGDMA transfer through registers.

I see that return status is 0xC , which means - according to table 336 -


2 DESCRIPTOR_COMPLETED R/C (1) (2) A value of 1 indicates that a descriptor was processed to completion.

3 CHAIN_COMPLETED R/C (1) (2) A value of 1 indicates that the core has completed processing the descriptor chain.


What does it mean ? Why SGDMA transfer fails ?


We are using FPGA with a network switch (mac-to-mac), that's why phy detection fails, but still it does not explain why SGDMA transfer fails.


The fpga fw+sw can be found here:


See log of the baremetal (ucos) application here:


Thank you for any feedback,


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