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how can i make ias-ra-data for the sgx-ra-sample?

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Im learn about how to contact with  IAS by the offical  Remote Attestation End-to-End Example ( ,so i have sent a email to intel for certificate ,but i got a response is:

Thank you for contacting Intel® Trusted Services Infrastructure. We have opened case #50288 to address your request.

In order to move forward with your request please respond to this email with your certificate as an attachment (in .txt format). Please ensure that a common name is included in the certificate.

If you need help with creating this certificate, please visit:
Creating a Self Signed Certificate
Certificate Requirements

I dont know where can i get the attachment (in .txt format) ,i have referenced the two step of the response provided, but i still dont know how to get it.

I cant move forward about it ,please help me , give some suggestions.

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