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sgx_rijndael128gcm_encrypt input output buffer



in your developer manual it is recommend that the memory region sgx_rijndael128_gcm should be inside the enclave memory just the encryption key should be inside the enclave. 

Nervertheless I just want to encrypt inside the enclave but the input and output should be outside the enclave. I'm aware that the plaintext is therefore also in the untrusted part und unprotected.

My question is, if I use the pointer for the input and output buffer, which are outside the enclave (using the user_check in the ecall function etc.).

During the encryption, using the sgx_rijndael128GCM_encrypt function, will the output buffer used for intermediate results? 

Is there the possibility of a key leakage if the output buffer can be monitored during the encrypiton process by an attacker? 

Thanks in advance.



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