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Trouble debugging Intel Quark in Galileo with ITP-XDP 3BR and Intel System Debugger

I can't start debugging the Intel Quark target in Galileo board.

1.) I am using the "2015 Products.bat" file to start the debugger.

2.) Inside the debugger interface I use the "Intel Quark SoC x1000-60-pin XDP (Clanton)" option. No additional parameters. I know the Galileo can't work with the 60-pin interface right out of the box so I am using an adapter.

3.) This is the way the hardware is setup:

   - Intel Galileo + cables connecting the PREQ_B, PRDY_B, GND, and PWRMODE, pins connected to a connector that hooks to J3 on the XDP to 10Pin JTAG Adapter + 10-pin cable connecting Galileo to J8 in XDP to 10Pin JTAG Adapter.

  - XDP to 10Pin JTAG Adapter.

  - ITP-XDP 3BR JTAG Probe.

   - There is a J7 and I don't know exactly how to use it. What I did is to hook up pin 3 of J7 to the REBOOT signal of the SoC (This is what the documentation says is the RESET_OUT signal from the point of view of the XDP). In addition, I connected this same signal to pin 2 of J7 through a 1K resistor  (This is what the documentation says is the RESET_IN signal from the point of view of the XDP). In this way, the tool knows what is happening with the device. In any case, I tried without hooking these J7 signals and hoking only some of them as well as hooking all of them. Nothing changed the end result.

In any case, here is the Intel System Debugger console messages (with a couple of annotations):

Intel(R) System Debugger 2015 
Version 15.1.1448  [82.860.51]
Copyright(c) 2001-2014 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
INFO: Caching of registers and memory is *enabled*, subsequent reads from target will be cached
INFO: Initializing Target Connection Interface...
INFO: Initializing probe connection, this will take a moment...
INFO: Probe connection initialized!
INFO: Connected to Processor type: Clanton (1 threads)
WARNING: Unable to halt the target during debugger initialization, you may need to reset, power-cycle, or apply additional platform-specific steps to continue!
INFO: Initialization complete.
INFO: Target reset occurred (Note: Manual reset)
INFO: JTAG reconfiguration in progress...
INFO: JTAG reconfiguration complete.
INFO: Target reset occurred (Note: reset issued inside XDB)
INFO: Restarting target, this may take a moment...
INFO: JTAG reconfiguration in progress...
INFO: Target reset occurred
INFO: JTAG reconfiguration complete.
WARNING: target did not halt after reset, forcing a halt
E-2201: The debugger has lost control of the target, a target reset may be required.

I did try disconnecting and re-connecting the board, but this just holds the device in reset but nothing else changes. The end result is the same, I can't halt the device and, after some procedures, I keep loosing control of the target.

I would really appreciate any help. This may be a hardware problem due to the connections or a software setup problem. One of the main issues I faced was the complete lack of knowledge of the XDP to 10Pin JTAG Adapter so there may be some other signals I may need to consider or some other types of configuration of the signals.

Thank you beforehand for any help you may be able to provide.


Best regards.

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