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C++ 64 compiler with inline {asm} 64-bit code

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I wish to develop a 64-bit math library, C++, for Windows, on a 64-bit Windows. To start with, Single Core (not parallel). The compiler must include 64-bit inline {asm} code. To be integrated with the Visual C IDE (and debugger).  

The logic will be C++, the workhorse - MASM routines (Microsoft ML for X86_64/AMD64) and/or inline code.

Later, I may need, perhaps, a Linux version too. But that is far in the future.

The Intel Composer Xe 2013 would do: I have checked it.  I don't need the extra tools included in Composer Parallel Studio 2015, nor the parallel support.

Could one get "a free license" for the 2013 Composer Xe? or are those programs (students, Academy, developers) limited to the most current version?

If not: (I) Does the 2015 Parallel Composer support 64-bit inline {asm}  ?  (II) Which versions of VC IDE work with the 2015 compiler ?



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Intel Parallel Studio Composer XE C++ for windows is supporting Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* , 2012* and 2013, please refer to following article for system requirements of every intel software products.

The Intel® C++ Compiler supports Microsoft-style inline assembly with the -use-msasm compiler option, to explore different options refer to reference guide


To get software for research purpose, please submit request



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