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Can''t Use c for embedded development Intel Atom cpu's

Your software isn't working, not even with the product license file.

As described, we're supposed to have an installer, but there's not even that with this.

We're supposed to have a 30 day trial, but I haven't even installed it yet, and you're taking days away from my trial.

I can't even get it to open. Its saying I have 23 days left to try it out here:

but I haven't even installed it yet to begin the trial. It's counting down the days anyway. It is a sucky ass program you have going on.

We're supposed to have a 30 day trial on this, but you;re not giving me 30 days on it.
You should let me have it for free because I'm not wanting to program for mass production.

I just need this for my one d410-pt deskboard.

Can you get this to me on DVD-Rom? Software from the download is not working as advertised.
I can't even get it to open.

Something that works in Windows? Why are you even on Linux? Thats a free GPL platform.

You can not be charging for licenses when you release for Linux. Period. It's in the GTPL license agreement you have with Linux when you released this.

Your software doesn't even work.

Jason Sweet
4917 McPherson Avenue, #305
Saint Louis, MO 63108

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Hi Jason,

I am sorry that you seem to have trouble with downloading the tool suite, unpacking it and running the installer.

I will gladly work with you on getting the install working for you and also on checking whether it is possible to extend the evaluation program for you.

From your email I am not 100% sure whether the Intel(R) Embedded Software Development Tool Suite for Intel(R) Atom(TM) processor product download is successful and only the installation causes problems or whether you are already encountering issues with our download center. You mention a set of different problems. Perhaps you can describe at which exact step execution of fails or what kind of error message you see on a failed download or when opening the distribution tarball.

If you'd rather like to evaluate our standard desktop focussed Windows* hosted development tools sets instead of thsi embedded tool suite I can provide you pointers to it as well.

Thanks, Rob