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Cannot Start Trace With CCA SVT Adapter

I am having difficulty creating a tracing session with System Studio 2020. My target system is a Kaby Lake U i7600.

I have tried both Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10 Host machines with the exact same results


When I create a connection it successfully detects my platform, however the  "New Trace Configuration" Wizard does not allow me to hit finish.  It just says "Waiting for target connection service to start up ..." at the top.


In my bios I have:

"Debug Interface" enabled

"Direct Connect Interface" enabled

"Debug Interface Lock" disabled

"Processor Trace Memory Allocation" 1MB

"Processor Trace" enabled

"Processor Trace Output Scheme" Single Range

"SMM Processor Trace" Enabled

"DCI enable (HDCIEN)" Enabled

"DCI Auto Detect Enable" Enable

"TraceHub Enable Mode" Host Debugger

I have added the log from the ISD terminal

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