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Debug OpenVINO applications using Docker and Intel System Studio


I have installed Intel System Studio with docker to run OpenVINO applications. I have been able to run many OpenVINO applications(in Run configuration), but there seem to be an issue if i do that in Debug configuration(Debug As local C/C++ application) . It keeps giving the error:

Error message from debugger back end:

~/HOME/.gdbinit: No such file or directory. There is an empty .gdbinit file in my home directory. I am trying to run this app locally on an Ubuntu 16.04. It's a VM on my Fedora host, but i am thinking that shouldn't be any issue since i have been able to run the Security_Barrier OpenVINO app in Run configuration. 

These are my settings for Debug config:

GDB debugger: /opt/intel/system_studio_2019/debugger_2109/gdb/intel64/bin/gdb-ia

GDB command file: ${system_property:user.home}/.gdbinit

If i run it as Debug As Remote Application, i get the following error:

"Failed to start gdbserver on target using connection local". I have set up connection using Address: "localhost". Also "Gdbserver Settings" has

Gdbserver name: /home/naveenk1/gdbserver

Port number: 2345

Any suggestions here would be helpful.



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