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Debugging Linux Hang - Apollo Lake CPU - Intel System Studio - DCI DbC



We are using Apollo Lake (Intel E3940) CPU based system. We want to debug a Linux kernel hang issue (complete hang) while running the system. We are using USB3 DbC cable to connect our target system and our host PC which has Intel System Studio (ISS) installed. Our intent is to monitor the CPU registers and the Linux kernel back trace and other information at the time of system hang to get some clue in order to debug the hang issue. We enabled HDCIEN in our BIOS. We were able to see the following string on ISS console after connecting:


18:32:08 [INFO ] TCA (server) - IPConnection: Open Connection, configuration: BXTP_DCI_OpenRC.

18:32:11 [INFO ] TCA (client) - Connection Manager: Status change: CONNECTED

       Connection: Intel Atom Processor (Apollo Lake)

       Target: Intel Atom Processor (Apollo Lake)

       Connection Method: Intel(R) DCI USB Debug Class


However, subsequent to the above logs, we see the following as well:


18:32:11 [WARN ] TCA (server) - IPCConnection: Error querying device information: No error occurred.

18:32:11 [WARN ] TCA (server) - IPCConnection: Warning: Failed to detect PCH/Uncore TAP on the target. System Debug and System Trace might not work properly.



Any idea why does this occur? Can our intent of seeing the CPU registers and Linux kernel back trace be made possible with this set up? Please help. Thanks.



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Hi user,

Thank you for your question.

Based on the logs, you might need to check again the debug connection from

1. BIOS settings (make sure DCI is enabled)

2. Check the device manager, to ensure DbC is detected

3. Try to connect and reconnect the debug cable/hard reboot